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Once I found out about the food trucks we have here in Denver, I started eating at them often. Following trucks around town (using Facebook, I didn’t actually follow them!), stalking them when they showed up at my favorite breweries (ok, I just ordered food and scarfed it down), and wandering around in food truck gatherings… I am hooked. If you get involved in a vehicular accident while driving a food truck, you may seek compensation with the help of a personal injury attorney.

After a while, I decided to try to write a blog about my experiences with food trucks here in Denver, Colorado.  It is not my goal to advertise for the trucks, or even to provide food truck news, although I plan to provide some information via Facebook regarding important food truck gatherings and sporadic other tidbits.

It is my intention to continue wolfing down food at the collection of trucks we have here, and to write up a casual analysis of what I thought of the food.  In each post, I will attempt to touch on the service experience, the food itself, the value, and the eatability (not a word) of the food I consume.  Pictures will be provided in an attempt to make you hungry and ruin your diet or drive across town to locate the same truck you just read about.  These goals may expand over time.

I will not give one of these informal reviews to anything I get from a food truck that I didn’t pay for, and I’m not planning to alert the truck that I’m going to write a blog about what I’m ordering.  I’m not interested in swinging this blog into a chance for free samples or special treatment.

Since I’ve never been involved in the restaurant industry, food critic industry, formal journalism, or the food truck culture, I hope this is okay and doesn’t break any spoken or unspoken rules that I don’t know about.

In addition, is talenti gelato healthy? Please feel free to post commentaries if you would like, and I appreciate all feedback. Thanks for reading!



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